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In today’s fast paced, busy world, it’s good to just slow down and relax a little –  to make life easier on yourself. We spend every day rushing around –  from work to after school sports, to home for dinner, homework, bedtimes and then there’s still more to do to get ready for the next day to do it all over again. Life can be overwhelming at times to say the least!

5 Easy Steps To Simplify Your Life


Did you know that there’s actually a National Simplify Your Life Week to help you focus on making life a little easier? There is! So why not use the time to actually make life simpler? Here’s 5 Ways to Simply Your Life that can help you stress-less and become a little more zen-like.

1. Say YES less. We all are guilty of taking on more than we can actually handle at times to “help someone out”. But, sometimes you’re only hurting yourself by overextending. Make sure to really only say YES to the things you can do without adding more stress and craziness to your life. You’ll do a better job, be happier and less stressed!

2. Cut Back On Technology. We’re always “plugged in” and that’s not always a good thing. While you can catch up on the latest news, newest sales and your best friend’s latest status update when you have your phone in your hand, it’s a time sucker in your life. Take time each day to just unplug and enjoy the silence without dings and whistles. Not being always online gives you mind a break and you’ll be more relaxed.

3.  Declutter. It’s a proven fact that clutter causes stress. Well, at least in my world it does. And I know it does in other’s! Go through your house and get rid of any extras you don’t need and don’t bring in items that don’t have a useful purpose. Go room by room with a basket and get rid of unnecessary items. One thing I just discovered that I don’t need is a toilet paper roll. While it sounds odd – Scott has a new, environmentally friendly toilet paper that doesn’t have a cardboard roll on the inside. It’s just the paper! Less waste! Such a simple, yet innovative idea to remove unnecessary clutter from you life. (see below for more info on this cool new product)

4. Plan ahead. Be prepared for anything that’s coming up. Check your calendar and plan your day ahead of time. Doctor’s appointments, lunches that need to be packed, parent teacher meetings – make sure you know what’s coming and plan accordingly. This can take that less minute stress off your plate and you’ll be more relaxed and prepared going into your day!

5. Write it down. Nobody can remember everything. It’s impossible and even silly to think so. No matter how good your memory is, distractions come and things can leave your mind in an instant. Keep a notebook nearby to write down your to-do list or anything that comes to mind that you need to remember. I have an amazing planner that has a page for each day with times that I jot down appointments in, my to-do list, menu for the day and even just a note section. It’s been a life saver for me! Pick a system and stick with it! Celebrate National Simplify Your Life week, August 2nd – 8th, by trying these 5 easy steps! You’re sure to be less stressed and on top of the game! Want to know more about the NEW Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper? You’re in luck!


Scott Tube-Free eliminates the toiler paper tube, thus helping diminish the 17 billion toilet paper rolls that are used annually. This simple and innovative solution is a quick, easy and environmentally conscious switch in any household.

Scotts-tube-free Scott Tube-Free works the exact same way as a regular toilet paper roll, but without the wasteful core! Every part of Scott Tube-Free is usable. That’s great for the environment and for your recycle bin. No need to take it out! What a great way to simplify! Scotts-Natural-Tube-Free

Check out this Scott Man on the Street video  that demonstrates how Scott tube-Free is used to get a better idea if Scott Tube-Free is right for you!

To find Scott Tube-Free near you, click here for a Local Retailer Locator and a Scott Coupon to help you save money!

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