Today was my big girl’s 1st day of 4 year old preschool…

All dressed in her pink and plaid dress and polka dot backpack with white stride rite tennis shoes – she picked it all out herself.

She was so excited to go, that she danced around the porch as I snapped about 100 pictures.

Andrew wanted to “go to skooool”, too! But, settled for a picture with his big sis. But, there were a few tears (from him) when it was time for her to leave.

I couldn’t believe how big she was today! It’s amazing the huge change from last year to this year. Confidence, personality, growth…it’s all different.

I can’t help but think that the days are going to go by faster now. It seems once they get past that toddler stage, it just flies by. They go from depending on mommy and daddy to being independent in many, many ways.

I was so proud of  my 1st born baby today! I’m am so excited to see where the year takes her.

Good luck, my sweet girl. I just know it will be great!

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  1. Kardeşiyle olan fotoğrafı çok tatlı ☺ ♥
    Her photo with brother is so cute ☺ ♥

  2. Kathleen B. says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! She looks so excited to start her first day.

    1. Thanks so much! She is still really excited!

  3. So I looked at that top picture, and then looked over at your profile picture on the left and she looks SO much like you. Adorable, and do I see some dimples? 🙂 Hope she had a great first day of school.

    1. She does have dimples, Tiffany! : )
      I think she looks more like me as she gets older. Her brother REALLY looks like my husband, as well! Little clones! haha!

  4. Bethany Larrabee says:

    She is beautiful!

  5. She’s adorable! we’re looking for preschool in January for Lauren. I don’t know if I’m ready!

    1. That’s the thing…they are usually ready and we are NOT! LOL

  6. So proud of my baby girl, great pictures honey…what a special day!

    1. Thanks, babe! It was a special day!

  7. She’s a little poser, like my daughter. So cute.

    1. OH – she really is! haha!

  8. michelle@ A Happy Hippy Mom says:

    Oh she looks so cute! My daughter (13) is going back to school today and I’m missing her already. My son is almost 3 and I can’t bare to even think about sending him to school right now. I tear up just imagining it.

    1. It’s hard sending them to school! It really does seem that once they go…they’re all grown up. I hope your daughter had a good 1st day!

  9. Miranda @ Keeper of the Cheerios says:

    It’s so hard to send them to school for the first time- I was never sure whether to smile or cry. LOL

    Your kids are adorable and your daughter looks just as excited as my son today for his first day of school. I love her little poses as well and the shoes with the skirt are totally adorable! 🙂

    1. I was usually on more on the side of crying! haha! You’re just so proud and happy for them, it’s hard not to have tears of joy…and a bit of sadness.

  10. She is adorable! Looking very sassy. 🙂 Hope mommy survived.

    1. Sassy is a very good word to describe her!

  11. Shop with Me Mama says:

    Awwww!!! And so it starts hun? She is absolutely adorable in her new outfit that she picked out!!!

  12. She’s so cute! I will have a nervous breakdown when my youngest goes off to school!

    1. I did have a breakdown last year! It’s a big milestone!

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