Life, as we know it, is starting to rev up around here. We’ve been busy painting, organizing, shopping and getting things ready for the new baby!

paint baby’s room
clean whole house carpets
put up crib
paint changing table
wash baby clothes and blankets
purchase diapers and wipes
purchase other baby toiletries
decorate baby’s room
clean whole house from top to bottom
paint glider for baby’s room
purchase car seat and stroller
purchase other baby gear!!
pedi/mani (very necessary to a delivering mamma!)

OK – so there’s still a lot to do…but we’re getting there! We have 4 weeks to go according to the calendar – but according to my measurements, I’m already at 40 weeks! I’ve started to get a lot more uncomfortable, but it’s still manageable. I just have to move a lot slower and do a lot less than before. It’s frustrating, because I don’t feel tired, but my body is.

We’ve also been trying to get a lot of fun packed in with the kids, since traveling after a c-section won’t be that comfortable for a little while. Over the last few weeks, we’ve taken them to the St. Louis Zoo and the Magic House, also in St. Louis. Tho walking around the zoo was a little hot and stressful at times, the Magic House was perfect! The kids LOVED it and I LOVED being inside the very cool, air conditioned building.

We plan to join one of the local pools and get in some relaxing and sun over the next few weeks. The kids will also take swimming lessons, attend day camp and Vacation Bible School. OH and don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up. Woooo! I’m exhausted just thinking about it all.

Oh well….we will get there, one step at a time! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and will be sure to update you on any progress we’ve made!


Well, looks like this baby is now measuring at 40.5 weeks. Yep…that’s a little further along than I am. So, I better get in gear and get  ready around here FOR SURE!

On Monday, I’m going to go in for an ultrasound and we’ll check to see what’s going on. Maybe some extra fluid or just a big baby. Good news is that everything looks great so far. My blood pressure is perfect, baby’s heart rate is good, normal uncomfortable symptoms and lots of movement. I’ll take it! Excited to get another peek at my sweet girl tho! I’ll keep you posted!


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