As the temperature drops and the weather becomes crisp as fall arrives, you’ll need to bring out the warmer clothes!

Our bedroom closets change with the seasons and for the majority of us its one big mess most of the year trying to find that specific clothing item buried under last season’s attire.

It doesn’t have to be like that! It’s time to get organized and store your clothes in a way that makes it easy for next year.

How To Store Summer Clothes Easily!

How to Store Summer Clothes

These ideas will be helpful to many, especially those with children who are growing like weeds each year.

Here’s How to Store Summer Clothes to help get your closet tidy and clean!

Think before you store

Before you go through and toss everything into bins or the bottom of the dresser, are there items that you don’t want to keep? Clothing that you know will not fit any of your children by next summer?

These are items that you can toss now! You can donate them, give them to friends with kids who might fit them, whatever it is that you want to do, getting rid of clothing will reduce the amount that you have to store in the first place.

Get ready early

Instead of waiting until the weather is actually freezing during fall and winter, try getting ready towards the end of summer (before school starts is always a good measure, you’ll be shopping for new clothes for them anyway!) Getting rid of things along the way that don’t fit, keeping shorts and summer clothes in a different area from the warmer pants and sweaters so that you don’t have to sift through it all again when the time comes to switch wardrobes.

Getting ready early will also prepare you for purchasing new clothing if last year’s items no longer fit or you no longer like the style.

Label everything!

The best way to store clothes is in plastic bins with labels on, or in dresser drawers (if you hang everything up instead of using the draws for everything) For example, summer is ending, things like dresses, skirts, tank tops and shorts are going to end up not being worn for quite a while and you might need that room in your closet, so you decide to store them away in the basement until it’s warm out again.

Take all of your shorts and put them into one bin, label that bin in whatever fashion you would like (masking tape works wonders!) and store it. You can combine items as well, but make sure that you know what is in each bin in case you need to find something quickly.

Always be sure to store bins off of the ground if your home has a flood issue. Another option is storing them in a dresser, make sure that everything is neat and not just thrown in so that you can easily find things if need be.

Organizing your summer clothes can save you time and money! Make the job easy (and fun!) with these tips for organizing clothes!

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