Climate Change is real and we’re seeing more and more evidence of that daily – global temperatures are on the rise, oceans are warming, decreased snow cover and rising sea levels are just a few examples. So, it’s so important to make changes where possible to do our part in keeping our earth clean.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the OBRIST C-Transformer Team.

Check out these 10 Ways to Go Green to help!


1.Carry a Tote Bag – From books to lunch, teens can go green by carrying an ultra cool cloth bag to and from school!

2.Reusable Bottles – It’s so not cool to throw away a ton of plastics bags, so give teens reusable bottles to carry instead!

3.Buy Vintage – There really isn’t anything cooler right now than the vintage look. From clothes to furniture to even jewelry, vintage is the way to go!

4. Personal Care Items – Teach your teen that what they put on their body is just as important as what goes in their body. Help them chose non-toxic care items for their body like Tom’s of Maine products!

5.Unplug – Unplugging electronics when not in use is a great idea to conserve energy and save money! Make sure your kids do it daily!

6.Take Showers – Take a shower instead of a bath to save on water and turn down the heat!

7.Lunch Bags – Take lunch in a reusable bag instead of a paper sack to reduce waste!

8.Eat Local – Teach your teen how important it is to eat locally produced foods to support local businesses and save money.

9.Carpool – These days everyone has a car. Save on money and gas by carpooling to school and sporting events.

10.Rechargeable Batteries – Instead of constantly buying batteries for their electronics, have teen use rechargeable batteries.


What can be done about Climate Change beyond daily changes?

Most climate scientists agree the main cause of the current global warming trend is a human expansion of the “greenhouse effect” — warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space. On Earth, everyday human activities are changing the natural greenhouse and is causing this “greenhouse effect” and it’s causing all kinds of trouble for our earth.

So, how do we fix it?

What happens when a tree-hugger, a technical mathematician, an expert in emission avoidance and some scientists from the US and Austria work together? Something good for Mother Nature and humankind!

How we deal with it will determine if we have a future or if we will join the dinosaurs. However, we’ve noticed that everyone is telling us what we shouldn’t do. Nobody is exactly telling us what we can do. We want to change that.

Throwing our knowledge all together in one pot and observing nature gave us the idea for the OBRIST C-Transformer.

OBRIST C-Transformer: A machine combining highly developed technologies and navigating through our forests … a machine inspired by nature and created for nature to outweigh what our planet cannot manage by itself anymore and what is the cause for climate change: CO2 produced by humans.

We have the concept and the scientific proof. Now, we need you to help us put it into reality and to transform our planet together.


The ORBIST C-Transformer teams have the concept and scientific proof and that know it works. Now they need our help. Get involved. Be a part of the development!

Join the Crowdfunding Campaign to help the ORBIST C-Transformer team get off to a great start!



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