Work, household chores, school, sporting events, grocery shopping and running errands don’t necessarily top most people’s list of top memories that want to have in 20 years. But, those things are what we spend a lot of our time doing most days. Why not work on creating memories this summer that you will be fond of looking back on down the road ?!



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Here’s a list of 10 activities you can do that your family is sure to remember years down the road!

10 Ways to Create Lasting Family Memories

1. Bake – Bake some cookies, a cake or even dinner together as a family. Give each family member a job – washing and cutting vegetables, peeling carrots or stiring the bowl are all jobs most ages can do. Try it! 

2. Take a trip – Take a trip to the beach, camping or any vacation spot you’ve wanted to visit. This is sure to invoke happy memories down the road!

3. Bike ride –  Take a bike ride as family. Pack snacks or a lunch to stop along your way and enjoy together.

4. Go fishing – Hanging out for the day at the lake can be a great way to slow down and reconnect together. Bonus – you can pick up dinner, too!

5. Plant a garden – Planting a garden and taking care of it all summer is a great family activity the whole family can get in on. Plus, they’ll love eating what’s been grown with their hard work and labor!

6. Plan a staycation – You don’t have to leave town to have a vacation! Turn off Facebook and forget your to-do list for the weekend and visit all the local spots tourists in your town visit. Get to know your town even better!

7. Have ice cream for dinner – How often do you have ice cream for dinner? I bet never! Try this for fun one summer evening for a sure way to create happy memories! Hey…chocolate is a food group, right?!

8. Go to the drive-in – Take a step back in time and introduce your kids to the drive-in! Bring your own snacks, open the back of the mini-van and bring blankets to lay on. Make sure to grab a double feature, too!

9. Volunteer together – Create some quality time together while helping others! This is a great way to instill great values into your kids while also creating lasting memories!

10. Go on a Scavenger Hunt – Break up into groups or go as a family on a scavenger hunt in your neighborhood, the park or even all over town. So much fun and a great way to work together!

Making memories and having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can be activities right in your own back yard. From backyard cookouts to an impromptu game of kickball, the kids will always remember the fun things – not that the house was always clean.

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