There is nothing more wonderful than welcoming a new life into the world, your very own baby. But, when you have a baby, you can feel elated and overwhelmed at the same time. You desperately want to hold your baby so tight and so close, but you are also terrified of hurting her – especially if this is your first. Don’t worry! Your tiny little one will be just fine, and cuddles are the perfect thing for her right now! Here’s a few tips to using a stroller vs. a sling in the so that you can make the best choice for baby!

Stroller Vs. Sling - Making the best choice for baby.

It can be hard to get the balance right with a newborn, especially if this is your first baby. You worry that you’ll hurt him, especially when he seems to cry for no reason at all. This is totally normal! Gaining confidence comes with time with a newborn. The more you’re around her – the more you’ll feel natural. Give yourself a little slack. Nobody is perfect right from the start!

You may have already made decisions about whether to use a stroller or a sling at this early stage. Both are great choices, and both have their advantages. Your tiny little newborn can feel very heavy and uncomfortable to carry when you have just given birth. This is because you body is tired and just gave birth and the process of it healing takes a little time. Your posture may not be corrected enough yet to take the weight of a baby in a sling so a stroller would prevent you being in more pain.

A stroller is great for holding everything you need without having to carry it, but new mommies feel very detached from their babies. They are big and can be cumbersome, blocking up cafes and supermarket aisles. But can do quite a few things while using one! You can carry all your shopping and baby gear with you and and get plenty of exercise! Baby can keep warm and dry with footmuff and rain cover accessories when the weather is yucky, and you are free to get on with your things knowing baby is safe and secure.

A baby sling keeps baby on your chest for as long as you want her there. It provides easy access for feeding, and you can provide lots of close eye contact. Baby can feel your heart and breathing and feel more comforted all the while. Some older people feel these will create clingy babies, and that you as a mommy will never be able to detach yourself from your child. But that isn’t the case at all! It actually promotes a closer sense of being and can create a security in independence. There are lots of differing opinions, but a sling allows you to carry the baby and have your arms reasonably free to do other things too. The trouble is, most of the other things you want to do could be dangerous for a baby to be close to, like drinking a hot drink or cooking. Just be careful and use common sense.

However you choose to carry the baby, it is quite likely that both options will quite benefit you at different times. Sitting to watch TV or read a book can be nice with the baby on your chest, but it’s also nice to gently rock her in the stroller. If your chest or back are sore, you may opt for the stroller, but if you want more cuddles, the sling is great.




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