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10 Money Saving Tips For Grocery Shopping  

10 Money Saving Tips For Buying Groceries

1. Check what you have before you go to the store. Never go to the store for a week trip when you don’t know what you actually need.

2. Plan your meals around items you already have at home. Check your pantry and refrigerator and see what you have on hand. Grab your pen and paper and write it down. It’s much more economical to buy two ingredients for a meal instead of 5 or 6. Make it a habit to always check before leaving the house. This also cuts down on waste from food that goes bad!

3. Check your digital app for discounts and coupons to clips. Some have rewards for past shopping trips and even personalize your offers to your spending habits. One that I use – the NEW Jewel Osco My Mixx app is perfect for this! It’s simple to use, has a running list of items I add and shows how much money I’ve saved each trip. It’s perfect for the budget conscience shopper!

4. Make a list – make a list and stick to it! Impulse buys are everywhere. Stay away from endcaps. They have tempting goods that aren’t always the best deal.

4. Don’t go hungry. I don’t know about you, but if I walk in the store hungry, I HAVE to have everything that looks good! This is a bad idea and you’ll end up spending way more than you came in for.

5. Shop the outside aisles. Shop mainly around the perimeter of the store. That’s where the freshest items are – dairy, veggies, fruit, meat. The inside aisles are mostly processed and higher priced items. Make it a habit to only grab a few convenience items from there.

6. Buy produce that is in season. Vegetables and fruits have seasons where they are readily available and have wonderful prices. Buy items when the are prices low!

7. Buy cheaper cuts of meats. Buying cheaper meat that needs trimmed or cut into smaller portions youself. You’ll save money since they butcher didn’t have to trim it in store.

8. Buy in Bulk. Often times we pay for packaging. Buy a larger package of beans, rice, or even toilet paper. You’ll spend less money per ounce every time!

9. Plan meals that can be turned into other meals. Buy two pounds of hamburger – make one and freeze the the other. You’ll again, save money from less packaging and be ahead for the next week when planning out your meals!

10. Don’t throw out leftovers. Freeze them! Whether it’s chicken stock, herbs or extra taco meat, use a good freezer bag and freeze for the next time you need it. You’ll save money by not wasting!

10 Money Saving Tips For Grocery Shopping

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