I’m not sure when the nesting instinct is supposed to officially kick in, but I can tell you that I am dying to get my house in order before this baby comes in 4 months! With 2 children of my own and 5 more that are here on a daily basis, there’s not a lot of daily organizing that goes on. It always starts out organized  on Sunday and then ends up a cluttered mess by the end of the week. It makes me nuts!


So, I’m downsizing, yet again, and working on my kitchen this weekend! I have a label gun and I am NOT afraid to use it!

I’ve been really enjoying a new site I found “IHeart Organzing” and there are some amazing practical and inspiring posts on everything from paperwork to shelving to kids rooms and more! So, I’m taking a lot of Jen’s advice and getting to work! Of course, I’ll document it each step of the way to share with you! What’s the fun in doing it if I’m not sharing and getting advice?!

First thing I need from YOU – tell me where you find the BEST deals on containers, baskets and more! I am on a very strict budget and will need a ton of items. Help!

Check back next week to see my progress. I’m sure it will be a process!


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  1. I hear you about organizing & on no time things being disorganized again!

    I reorganized my pantry a few weeks ago. I needed a few containers to corral my spices. I found some super cheap baskets at Big Lots. I think it was $1.20 for two baskets. They had a few different sizes but not much choice in color (I only found purple in the main size I needed). The quality isn’t great as far as strength but it should work for my needs for a while.

  2. Cat Davis says:

    That pretty much looks like my cabinets right now. I’m hoping to tackle mine this weekend but I really stink at organization.

    1. It’s so hard to get it to stay organized, that’s my problem. I need a better system! I’ll make sure to let you know when I find it! haha!

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