I don’t know about your kids, but if they’re anything like mine, they are so excited for Santa to come they can hardly stand it! I love that they think that Jolly Old Saint Nick  is just as magical as I thought he was when I was their age. I’m pretty sure Christmas morning is going to be pretty exciting around here!

To get ready for Santa’s arrival, Ella and Andrew put together a list of things they’d like Santa to bring. After I asked Ella to get out the letters so that I could take a picture of them to keep, this is what I saw….

Do you think she wants to make sure Santa knows what she wants? Love it! Good thing I checked it out so that Santa won’t disappoint!

Of course Ella’ wants an iPod and Andrew’s wants a Wii. Sheesh! Guess they’re getting older and Barbies and Matchbox cars aren’t as exciting! Haha! I sure hope Santa get’s their list!

Do your kids send Santa a letter this year? What’s the #1 item on their list?


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