Having a new puppy, or even an older puppy, takes a lot of work! From house breaking, to manners to keeping up with their grooming, you have to be ready to take all of that on. It really is like having a newborn or another kid in the family.

We’ve had our Havachon for about 7 years now but recently welcomed a new addition – Bella, our “Mini” Goldendoodle! Bella is three times the size of Daisy and is supposed to be done growing. I’m not so sure! ha! Bella is a very sweet and smart dog. However, she is a puppy. She likes to chew, is a little hyper at times and LOVES water. If there is water in sight – she’s in it.


Thanks to today’s sponsor! This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pet Caress, LLC From Human to Animal® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yep. Here she is covered in mud. I didn’t know she had been out back rolling around in a puddle that had formed in our yard from all the rain! But, I caught her right by it!


She tried to act like she wasn’t doing anything by sitting nicely next to Daisy when I walked up.


I know better! haha! But, thankfully I don’t mind giving her a bath! Well, if truth be told – my HUSBAND doesn’t mind to do it while I supervise. 🙂


Recently, I was asked to try Pet Caress products on my pooches. I was happy to try it because Pet Caress products have been developed by cultivating the global heritage of natural skincare products for humans that are found in many of the world’s most renowned spas, including the company’s own Pevonia skin care line. Their slogan “FROM HUMAN TO ANIMAL™,” embodies the essence of the brand. More than just pet care, it is the first serious skin care line for pets.

Pet Caress manufactures and sells a line of natural skin and coat care products for dogs and cats. Derived from nature’s most gentle yet effective resources, Pet Caress is specifically formulated for your pets’ skin with the best, “human quality” ingredients containing NO: alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, paba, urea, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, or methylisothiazolinone. That’s a good thing since I don’t even like using those things on my own family – pets included! 

Pet Caress sells products formulated for our pets needs, too! With human quality ingredients! -Instantly relieves itching and scratching, soothes irritation and hot spots. -No irritants or harmful chemicals that can cause itching skin conditions. -Made with natural ingredients. -Contains no alcohol, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, paba, urea, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, or methylisothiazolinone. -Made with the same high-quality ingredients found in spa quality human skincare products. So, after Bella rolled around a little more, we gave her a bath with the Itch-Be-Gone Shampoo for sensitive skin and followed that with Brush Me Silky and Odor Control Mist for good measure.

Take a look at our fluffy fur-ball!


Such pretty girl! She didn’t mind the bath and got silky smooth!


Make sure to shop online for Pet Caress products! I am sure you’re going to love them for your fur-baby, too!

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