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So many days, I wake up ready to start the day with patience, kindness and determination and so many days it’s out the window in the first hour of the day. Dealing with kids from zero and up can be challenging. I feel like we as parents, have a hard time thinking we actually measure up to the standards in our heads – the parents we want to be. I often feel like I’m not patient or understanding enough, that I work too much, that I don’t give my kids enough in things or in time. Even though I really think I’m doing my best, I don’t always think I’m actually #doingood. Are you with me? Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try, that at the end of the day, you are tired, frustrated and discouraged by the days events.

As a parent, some days are better than others. Some days everything seems to go right – the kids get up on time, breakfast is made, homework is done without whining and the laundry is put away and everyone goes to bed happy. But other days, it’s a zoo from the time your feet hit the floor. I know that this won’t always be the case. I know that one day I’ll miss the crazyness of a house full of kids running, jumping and making a mess, but right now we seem to be in it. But, I’m here to tell you that in my heart of hearts, I know that we all are #doingood. I know that if I’m here – if I’m trying –  I’m #doingood. And so are you! We need to remind each other of this often. We need to remind each other that we’re not alone and that if we make mistakes, it’s ok. That tomorrow is a new day. That we can call on each other to lift each other up and be a sounding board and support. And most of all, we can look to our kids to see who THEY are to know that we are #doingood.


When your son asks Santa for blankets for the people of Paris and brings all his favorite toys to you and asks you to mail them to Paris for the kids to enjoy since they are sad. You know you’re #doingood.


When your 3 year old tells you that she loves to laugh and that her favorite thing is her mommy. You know you’re #doingood.


And when your almost 10 year old spends time rocking her baby sister in a chair at night and reading her favorite stories to her – you know that you’re #doingood. It’s sometimes looking for the small wins in your daily life that will remind you that you are doing the best you can do and that you are #doingood.


It may seem like we’re in the trenches right now, but we are making a difference. We are #doingood!

I think the mom in this video feel the same way we all do – take a few minutes and watch. I promise it’s worth your time.


As parents, we’re our own toughest critic – it’s important to remember that as long as we’re trying our best, we’re #doingood. Tell another parent that they’re #doingood this holiday season. I guarantee they need to hear it!

Tell me – what small win have you seen lately that reminds you that you are #doingood? I’d love to hear!

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  1. When my daughter writes on her “100 things to be thankful for” list; “my dad playing in the worship band.” #doingood

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