Kids have been doing their best to be good all year to stay in the good graces of Santa Claus. They’ve been patiently waiting for the holidays to arrive so that the round man in red can shower them with gifts once again. And since you’ll be one of the many adults who’ll be playing good ole’ St. Nick, you better not disappoint all those cute little tykes. Put a large grin on their face come Christmas morning by gifting them with something that they can enjoy, wear, or learn from. If you’re brainstorming for gift ideas and all you’re coming up with are blanks, then turn to our list below for some inspiration.

A Bicycle

A bicycle is joy that’s mounted on two wheels, thus you won’t find a lot of children who’ll pass up the chance to own their very own ride. Just be sure that the bike you purchase is appropriate for the kid’s age and size for safety purposes. Don’t forget the training wheels for the first timers! And oh, balance bikes are the most suitable for the extra tiny ones (those aged 2-5).


Reading will do any kid a lot of good—and one can never have enough books. Nurture a child’s intellect and imagination by gifting them with excellent reads this Christmas. Check out this comprehensive list for some of the most recommended titles available in bookstores.

A Ukulele

Future Santana’s or John Mayer’s need not wait until they’re big enough to carry an acoustic guitar to start working on their melodies. There are playable and tunable ukuleles that are specifically made for little ones. A ukulele can be the stand-in for the early years and serves as a perfect gift for the young and the musically-inclined.

Clothing or Costumes

Every little boy wants to be Batman. Let him be “Batkid” (or whoever else he or she wants to be) by purchasing the gear for him or her. Regular, cape-less clothing is never a bad idea, either. The younger they are, the less-favorable an item of clothing will be for your youngster as Christmas gift, but check out What a Mum Wants for comfortable and stylish finds for the more fashion-conscious child.


Kids today have a much wider range of options when it comes to toys. Still, Lego remains one of the top picks in the wish lists of young kids all over the globe. This is not surprising at all, as Lego presents children—and even the children at heart—with practically limitless possibilities. The timeless playset continues to cultivate creativity, thus making it one of the best presents that anyone can receive during the holidays.

Board Games

Video games are all the rage these days. But no matter how fancy their graphics and gameplay have become, board games will never go away. After all, a board game is something the family can enjoy together and provides hours of fun! Classics such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Clue, and Game of Life are some of the most fun kids can have on lazy Sunday afternoons, during vacation trips or rainy days.

This post was written in collaboration with What A Mum Wants.


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