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With Spring Cleaning come organziation – naturally. Getting in there and cleaning in and around things makes me want to really organize, too! Since we moved in right before winter, I didn’t do a whole lot. I got things settled and then the holidays came. And the cold weather. And the laziness. Sign. But that’s okay. Winter is a time of rest and hiberation, right?! BUT, it’s time to get back on that cleaning horse and get some things done around here. Up next – the laundry shelves!

DIY Laundry Labels


What you don’t have laundry shelves? haha! Well, my new laundry room isn’t all fixed up fancy, so I had to take advantage of a nice shelving unit to hold my supplies. Since I am really trying to teach my children some responsiblity – including laundry and putting things back where they belong, I thought DIYing some Laundry Labels would be perfect for a little organization! No excuses to not be able to find something OR put it back where it belongs. Here’s my simple, cheap (plus pretty!) way of doing it!


I grabbed some inexpensive chalkboard labels and my trusty chalk marker and added things like, detergent, cleaning, and laundry supplies to the labels.


See…pretty easy stuff! YET so effective! You could even have the kids help you make these labels for fun. Me – I kinda get OCD and like them all to look alike, even though I don’t have the most perfect handwriting! Atleast they match! Then, you just add them to your shelves!


See! Perfect! The oval labels stick right on the front of the shelves and then you can just push down the edges to stay in place. Perfect!!


You can’t beat this DIY project that is going to make a big difference in your home if you’re trying to get organized and cleaned up like I am. The whole project only cost me about $5! Score!! Easy, effective AND cheap! Every mom’s dream!

Another thing that has been helping make life a little easier is Member’s Mark® Ultimate Clean Laundry Detergent from Sam’s Club!


With kids in sports and just active, this detergent sure does a great job at a great price! Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry Cleaner delivers superior performance and a great value to Sam’s Club members. It performs as well or better than the national leading brand at just a fraction of the cost. Developed with a patented Ultimate Clean Technology that locks on tough stains and lifts them out in all temperature settings and this detergent is specially formulated to deliver top cleaning performance, and improved brightening and whitening, it will leave clothes fresh and clean. That’s a great thing for all your laundry needs! It’s available in Fresh Clean Scent and Paradise Splash!


A convenient, no-mess dispenser and dosing cup ensures accurate measurement for all load sizes and for pretreating stains. Member’s Mark detergent is HE compatible and safe for all washing machine styles. You can purchase it at Sam’s Club or online at Just another of the many benefits of being Sam’s Club members!


Be sure to organize your own cabinets and shelves this spring with this easy DIY Laundry Label Solution! I think you’ll like the results like me!

Do you have any DIY tips for organizing your laundry area or spring cleaning tips? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


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  1. I find that labeling things helps me keep it more organized. Thanks for the tips! #client

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