It’s December 1st! Let the fun begin! It’s time for baking, crafts, shopping, wrapping and more! Start the month off with this ADVENT GARLAND!

Advent Garland

I love, love, LOVE December. I love that it brings such excitement and hope to my children and I love that it’s a time when most of the world celebrates the birth of our Savior together! It’s a magical time.

Advent Garland

Why not celebrate by creating an Advent Garland that you can share with your children each day? It can be as simple as a envelopes numbered for each day of the month with a bible verse in each one or as elaborate as you can make it! This is our Advent garland from years past and it was super easy. Check out my tutorial and my Bible reading plan we use with it each year. It’s a great way to introduce or relive the story of Jesus. My children love it – as do my husband and I.

Advent Garland

I’m in the process of making this year’s Advent calendar and will have it completed by the end of the day! I’ll share that one with you this week, too! In the meantime, get crafty and create something your family will love!


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