Home is our sanctuary – the place we go to for rest, comfort, hospitality and life while reflecting our true personality. One of my favorite things to do is create a home that I love coming home to. Whether it’s painting the walls, adding new throw pillows to the sofa or changing things up even more with new appliances or remodeling rooms, it’s what I love to do most!

It seems that everyone is in love with the open kitchen concept trend right now, making the kitchen less of a kitchen and more of a living space. In an open environment, appliances can’t stand alone and there’s a great opportunity to personalize with color finishes, textures and even sound – the necessary for quietness and harmony within the home.

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Whirlpool is offering  color finishes and textures that make appliances feel more like part of the home, rather than cold, utilitarian boxes that make your house really feel like a home. A perfect example is the KitchenAid black stainless finish that seamlessly blends with other home materials. By changing appliances and cheaply refinishing cabinets, remodelers can create a bold, new look!

While open concept kitchens are becoming more popular, appliances that make less noise are gaining even more popularity, bringing harmony and quietness within the home. The Jenn-Air TriFecta dishwasher is so quiet, it is perfect for anytime of day – no matter if you’re watching tv or making dinner.


Quality appliances that are affordable and stylish are moving beyond the kitchen to other areas in the home, like this wash and dryer pair. I love the look of this laundry room! Who wouldn’t?!



Check out this AMAZING kitchen of the future! I am totally on board with this! How about you?

Whirlpool offers a “no-compromise” approach for homeowners by giving them high-performing products that have a small impact on the environment, an affordable purchase price and a low cost to operate. There’s no need to chose between products that are sustainable and products that are affordable since you are able to do both with Whirlpool!


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