It’s hard to believe that Summer is coming to an end, school has started and my 8 weeks of maternity leave is about over. That means, I have to get back into the swing of things and they daycare kids will be back soon. So, I’ve decided our playroom needs a makeover!

I love our playroom and it’s served us well for the past 3 years, but with our kids growing up – it’s time to kick it up a notch. As much as I love the pretty pastels that was perfect for my girly girl Ella, we’re ready for a more big-kid room that will also serve our little ones.

One of the ways our kids use the playroom is to play school and to do lots of art projects in it. We have tons of art supplies in lots of separate containers and we gained even more with the cheap back-to-school prices that were just in the stores. It’s not very practical to place 3 or 4 containers of markers, crayons and pencils on the table when you’re trying to create – so we needed a solution. An Art Caddy! YES! Perfect!

So, I headed to Target (where I head for anything I’m looking for on just about any given day!)  and picked up a metal utensil holder (or 3)  that was on clearance with the summer dishes. It was the perfect solution to hold a lot of stuff!

Create an art caddy with all those extra school supplies

We started filling it with fat and skinny markers, colored pencils, regular pencils, scissors, glue sticks and paint and paintbrushes. The kids loved helping me with this project and if it’s possible, Andrew enjoyed it more than I did! He’s my little organizer and mommy’s helper!

While this is just a start to our new playroom – it’s also a hint of our new color palate! Check back soon for updates! It’s gonna be a good one!


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  2. Your playroom looks beautiful now! I can’t wait to see the new room!

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