We stayed home this Labor Day weekend and had no plans – that’s the best kind of weekends in my opinion. This was quite possibly the most beautiful weather we’ve had all Summer. The sun was warm and the wind was cool. The temperatures were around 75 and just perfect.

On Saturday, the boys headed to our old town to watch a football game while the girls headed out for nails, lunch and some shopping. Aunt Kari even joined us!

First Nail Visit
Fun with Aunt Kari

On Sunday, we did a little shopping at Sam’s Club – they have some great eValue deals going on right now…check them out! We then decided on an impromptu hot dog roast in the back yard! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed being outside with the cool weather, kids playing and chatting with my hubby. I may or may not have had 2 smores with the most perfectly toasted marshmallows EVER. (thanks, babe! you do have the best marshmallow roasting skills!)


Roasting Marshmallows

Tomorrow is Labor Day and we plan to stay home, have Sunday dinner on Monday (Roast, potatoes, carrots and onions) and do a little bike riding with Ella and Andrew’s new bikes. Andrew still hasn’t gotten the hang of getting his little feet peddling, but I’m sure he’ll get it before long! Gotta keep up with big sis!

New bike
Ella and Barbie

Did you see that I was on Mom Talk Radio with Maria Bailey tonight talking about sugar and kids? Well, I was! I was more than thrilled to be asked to be a Roundtable Mom! I’ll be sure to share the link once it’s on podcast. You’ve gotta check it out!

Well, off to spend some time with my hubby – hope you’re enjoying your long holiday weekend – see you on Facebook and Twiter!


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  1. Smores, nails and a purple back pack what could be any better than any of that for a Labor day Weekend.

    1. It was a wonderful day!

  2. I love the jerseys they are wearing! I have been looking all over for the perfect ones and can’t seem to find them. How fun to have her first nail salon visit! Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me on my SITS day!

    1. Aren’t those adorable?!

      That’s the first jersey Andrew has worn. I think he needs more to match daddy.

  3. cute pictures!!! Hope you have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

    1. I hope you did as well, Cheryl!

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