It was a beautiful weekend here in Central IL – so we headed to Washington Park for a little lunch and playtime.

Washington Park

Good thing we brought lots of cereal and bread, the ducks were especially hungry today. We brought some old cookies, but they didn’t want them. I didn’t know ducks were that picky. Weird!

teester totter
Teeter Totter

This is an awesome park! Lots of fun stuff to play on and plenty of wide open spaces to run, jump and pretend in. Such an amazing place!

Dinner Out

After our day out Saturday, Brian and I headed out for an adult evening with dinner at a Japanese Steak and Seafood house with my sister and her boyfriend and then for coffee and dessert at Barnes and Noble. It’s nice to get out and enjoy some time without the kids once in a while. It’s makes us stronger moms and dads when we get a break and can just “be”.

Now, on to the week…the last week before pre-school starts for Ella. I can’t believe it’s already time!

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  1. What a beautiful park that is. That’s a lot of birds too!

    I never knew birds wouldn’t eat cookies how odd!

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