With 3 kids and an in-home daycare, our playroom gets a lot of use! If you remember, our playroom used to look like this:

Which was absolutely adorable! The kids loved this room and it got a lot of use. And, it would still be fine – if they didn’t grow up. The old playroom had a little adorable white table  and small pink reading chairs. It was the sweetest – full of preschool size furniture and toys! But, as Ella and Andrew got older and little Miss Sydney came along, we had to fit all of our needs into this one room. It was time for a playroom update!

So, our playroom has now turned into THIS!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

We just love this updated playroom that is now suited for toddlers to elementary age kids! It’s not a whole lot different but, we’ve added a few different elements that now works for everyone. The adorable little white table now has a home in the back room by my computer so that Sydney can color and play while I’m working. And the little pink reading chairs, the desk and the computer have new homes. This space works much better for us now!

We now have a bigger table that has bigger chairs that can still be used by the little kids, but now the big kids are more comfortable while they color and play games. It’s by Kidkraft – I just love all their products! So durable and stylish!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

We’ve also added a double sided easel in the corner. One side has an eraser board and the other has a chalk board. This was an excellent purchase since Ella LOVES to play school when she get home each day. It’s two years old and  it has been used every single day since we got it. It’s nice and sturdy and a great size. I would definitely recommend it!

An organizational toy storage unit is so helpful for putting toys away!

We still have the organization unit that has been so popular on the last post. It’s my Pottery Barn knock off by JC Penney. They don’t sell this exact one now, but they do have this ONE that you can check out. It has  held up so well! I’m so glad we decided to give it a shot. Also, we still have the bins we bought originally to go with it. They still look great! Gotta love Target!

An organizational toy storage unit is so helpful!

We organize each bin by the type of toys in each one – (from left to right) Light up toys, soft baby toys, pretend play, cars and trucks, dress-up and pull toys.

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

Behind the doors are puzzles and books, bins with little toys and instruments. This way of organizing  has worked really well for us! The kids know where to put toys back since we’ve been doing it this way for years.

Bins for toys help kids put things back!

On top of the unit is Ella’s play school papers, coloring books, crafty stuff and other papers for drawing. This is not my ideal place for this little storage unit, but I have plans for this type of thing! Stay tuned!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

I love this room! As you  can see, it’s not magazine perfect but it works for us! It’s real life, real toys, real organziation. There’s a lot that needs to fit into this room and I think we’ve managed to do so without too much of a cluttered mess. There’s a bin for balls, a bin for soft toys, a new book display shelf and also little people houses sitting around. There’s also a corner by the kitchen set has a baby bed, high chair and stroller. This is Sydney’s favorite area! She spends a good part of her day here.

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

I also have the changing area by the door. It just makes sense for me to have this in here since I spend a great deal of my life changing diapers. ha!

Having a changing area in the playroom is a handy idea!

Updating our playroom didn’t take a lot of money or time but it works perfectly for what we need. I’m not completely done yet. There’s always room for improvement! I’m dying to get a craft storage area in here! That’s up next!

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

But for now…I’m going to enjoy THIS sweet girl while she rocks her baby to sleep.

A playroom update for toddlers to big kids!

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  1. Linda Kinsman says:

    I love the colorful chairs and how organized yet inviting your playroom is. I think you’ve got the perfect blend of neatness and come on in and have fun vibe going on. Stopping by to say Hi from SITS Tribe.

    1. Thanks, Linda! Glad to see you!

  2. Lady Liberty Hen says:

    Dear Kasey, what a darling room to play in – it looks so pretty and fresh. Your children must feel very happy in it.
    AND I’m very impressed by how you’ve managed to organise it so that you can fit such a lot in and yet it doesn’t look cluttered.

    I am looking forward to working alongside you as a SITS tribe member this week!
    best wishes

    1. Thank you! We just love it!!

  3. Love it – it’s organized, useful, and fun! Wish I had the space for a playroom 🙂 I guess every room is kind of a playroom at my house, for better or for worse!

    Glad to have you in my SITS Tribe – have a great Monday!

    1. haha! I know that feeling, too!

  4. hi Kasey, On the Tribe building ride the week. I had a home daycare when my boys were little and it has provided us with very sweet memories and friendships we cherish 20 years later. The room looks fabulous and I always prefer an easel over a TV 😉

    1. YES creating is much better than TV!

  5. Sarah @Must Have Mom says:

    Your playroom is so adorable!!! I love it

  6. Lisa - Between the Kids says:

    Oh the room looks great! I am still stuck in limbo with having big kids and a toddler, but this looks really, really nice!

    1. It sure is hard to get them all fit in! But, we did it!

  7. It’s gorgeous! I love everything about this playroom… especially the storage!

    1. The storage is the best!

  8. What an incredible play room!

  9. Seriously the cutest, most organized playroom ever. PLEASE come to my house and organize mine!

  10. Kasey, it looks absolutely GORGEOUS. You outdid yourself!

    1. Thanks so much, Trisha!

  11. Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity says:

    This came out so adorable and I love how organized it is. I am so jealous of people with organized rooms. Maybe someday I can share pics of an organized room in my house too. Ah, to dream. 🙂

    1. Well, I hope when I grow up that I have a completely organized home! haha!

  12. Love all the changes. The room really looks brighter and the new table and chairs really helps with that. I really like that double-sided easel in place of the TV. Good job!! Your daughter is just adorable.

  13. Shannon Schmid (@milkandcuddles) says:

    What a precious and soothing playroom! Love the color choices!

  14. This playroom is so beautiful, organized and functional!

    1. It really does work for us!

  15. That is the cutest playroom ever and you organized it beautifully!

  16. Shop with Me Mama says:

    WOW. Is all I can say! I LOVE the colors and how organized and clean this room is. I am jealous!!!!!!! Awesome job!

  17. Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie} says:

    It’s fresher & brighter now. I like it.

    1. Thanks, Robin! It feel brighter, too!

  18. PLEASE come decorate my house! If you can do this with a play room, I want to see what else you can do! I am SO envious of your play room!

    1. That would be fun, Mandi! Let’s do it! Where do you live?? 🙂

  19. This is adorable Kasey!!! Love it!!

    1. Thanks, Kari! Come see it in person and bring that sweet baby boy!

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