Remember how much fun art was when you were younger in school? Art was many people’s favorite subject at school! Here’s your chance to overcome to take on some of those fun projects again! Here are 10 School Art Projects You’ll Want To Do Again as an adult – and maybe even do with your kids!

10 School Art Projects You’ll Want To Do Again


Finger Painting

Artists such as Irish Scott show how finger painting, commonly associated with toddlers, can be an effective medium for fine art. You can use a variety of paints and canvases to experiment with finger painting. A popular choice is acrylics on canvas but you could also try fabric paints.


Forget sticky tissue paper collages with an excess of PVA glue. Think more about using a craft knife to neatly cut around magazine images, record sleeves and other ‘found’ images to create wonderfully imaginative designs. See some of Sammy Slabbinck’s pieces for inspiration.

Potato Stamps

This one perhaps has less scope for creativity than collage but you can create great motifs for customizing your canvas shopping bag, table cloth or even curtains using the classic potato stamp.

Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers are not only for the coloring book age group. Websites such as Artifolk stock many paint by numbers kits which enable adult artists to create fantastic pieces.

Cardboard Portrait

Cardboard portraits were a real challenge in school, but with today’s image editing software you can minimize the difficulty by turning images into silhouettes and cutting out the relevant features. Create great relief portraits of family members, celebrities or even yourself.


This is an especially worthwhile exercise if you still own a self-portrait you drew in school. Comparing the two will show how much you’ve changed facially and as an artist. Hopefully you’ll see improvements in both!


There are lots of great silhouette art projects to attempt. Have a look on Pinterest at book page art, portraiture and other fantastic ideas. This is another way to develop your skills with a craft knife.


Tribal masks, animal masks, masquerade designs; there are plenty of different styles to try in this category, either to wear to a party, hang on your wall or just for fun.

Papier Mache

The opportunities with papier mache are endless! From animal sculpures through masks to the classic globe, you’ll have a ball!

Shadow Puppets

You can go as ornate or as simple as you want with shadow puppets. This is a great one to create in order to fun with the kids.


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