We’re on a 4 Week Series on Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping. Check out Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 to catch up!

Saving money and cuttings costs where ever you can is a way of life for most of us. We check deals, clip coupons and sign up for deals daily. From grocery shopping to clothes to even where we buy our gas – everyone is looking for the best deal. But, it can get overwhelming always trying to “find” the best deal! There’s a million websites and blogs dedicated to coupon clipping, add in flyers that come to your house or in the newspaper and you’re spending a lot of time figuring out where to shop for what and clipping a bunch of coupons you’re not even sure you’ll use before it expires. That’s why going digital has become my favorite way of saving money!

Jewel Osco My Mixx program helps you save money!

We all have cell phones that are with us where ever we go. So why not use it to make our grocery shopping easier?! Most store offer some sort of digital app but my favorite so far is the Jewel Osco My Mixx app!

My Mixx from Jewel Osco

I’ve been using it the past few weeks and have really grown to love the convenience of it all! It provides everything I need from my shopping list, to checking for deals, to “clipping” coupons, to even personalizing the deals to my shopping habits! It even keeps track of my purchases and shows me how I saved and spent money. Best of all – it’s FREE!

Jewel Osco produce department

I have also enjoyed shopping at Jewel Osco. I’m pretty sure that they have THE friendliest staff of all time. They were super helpful and always had a smile. I really appreciate that!

My Mixx Sign Up

Saving money doesn’t just come naturally – you have to do a little planning to save a lot. Here’s my main tips to help keep you on track!

Money Saving Tips for Grocery Shopping

1. Create a meal plan each week. Take some time to check your pantry and fridge to see what you have on hand before making your list.

2. Check the store ads to see what’s on sale that you could partner with the items you have on hand for your meals.

3. Use a digital app to find the best deals on the items you need. Digitally “clip” them before you leave the store and check for any rewards you’ve earned for this shopping trip.

4. Use a digital app to not only keep track of your coupons but to make your shopping list. It will keep your organized and on track – saving you money!

What are your favorite money saving tips? Share them with me below!

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