There seems to always be a house project to complete. From simple projects like painting a room a new color and changing out kitchen cabinet hardware to more involved projects like bathroom and kitchen remodels. There’s also outdoor projects like adding on decks and fences or beautifying the outside of your home in some way. I actually love a home project – it’s my favorite thing to do in my free time!

Since moving into our new home this past fall, I have made a huge to-do list to personalize our home. Now, if I could just have a huge supply of money to complete those projects…. So, for now, I’m sticking to projects that can be completed easily and affordably and make a big difference!

Beautify Your Home With This One Simple Step

home improvement

This is my latest project – making an eyesore a little more presentable and it was easy and very affordable! Our air conditioner sits in our back yard and doesn’t make for a pretty sight. It’s not bad – but it really isn’t pretty, either. So, I decided to spruce it up with Connections™.

Connections™ is a flexible, decorative fencing product available exclusively at Lowe’s. It’s easy to install with materials you can find at Lowe’s, requires no hardware or glue, and can be reconfigured as your needs change. It can be installed without digging holes, which is often the toughest part of installing something like this!

I enlisted my hubby to help me – even though honestly, I could do it myself easily. But, what fun would that be???! First we unwrapped all the pieces and laid them out on the ground. Next, we marked where we wanted to set our connector poles and inserted the stakes into the ground. EASY! Then we went to work adding on the panels. I say “work” but it really was no work at all! They just slide right on the poles!

See! It couldn’t be easier!

Whether you’re looking for a short-term fix or a long-term solution, Connections is a flexible, affordable, low-maintenance option that is easy to install with materials you can find only at Lowe’s. And since I’m a huge Lowe’s fan, this was perfect for me! Connections™ allows you to be creative! You can combine products and reconfigure as your needs change. What’s also great is that

Connections is available in three heights, three decorative panel options and a two-sided solid panel that can be mixed and matched, stacked, staggered, used in straight runs or joined to form corners.

Connections can be used for for privacy around patios, decks or hot tubs, or to block the view from close neighbors, concealing refuse cans (or A/C units like I did here!), pool pumps, cables/utilities, or heat pumps, wood piles, kids’ play toys,  or pile composting. You can even use them as decorative accents including address signs, seasonal décor, edging (around patios, driveways, walkways or gardens) and protection from the elements (wind, sun, snow); or around gardens, window wells, new plants/plantings, harmful plants (roses, thorn bushes); for kids or pets! The options are endless!

The next project I have planned for Connections is to provide a little privacy around our patio. I think it will be great!

Connections Decorative Fencing is available exclusively at Lowe’s (purchase in select stores or order online at



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  1. hello, great idea, I am unable to find it at Lowes website, can you send the specific to find it? thank you.

    1. Hi, the reason you’ll can’t find this item is because, the brand is Freedom.
      If you put freedom connections fencing it will come up at Lowe’s.

  2. Debbie Murdock says:

    As many other people remarked ……I can’t find this product on Lowes website? Can you please send me a link. I would this for my yard.

    Thank you!

  3. Christine Thompson says:

    Can you please post a link to this product. I cannot find this exact pattern on the Lowe’s website. TIA!

    1. Me too. Can’t find on Lowes website. Link please to these specific items Thank you

  4. Johannah Anderson says:

    Few years ago my family and I had all the windows in the house replaced the then decided we did not want to put Air Conditioners back in each bedroom window and one big one to cool off the entire first floor of the house because we did not want our beautiful windows to get damage so we decided on the Mini Split Air Conditioner System, which is a great investment but the Unit behind the house is not the small one like the one you have it’s tall. I have looked into metal gates which are expensive, this is a great and fun project that would hide my unit and make the back of my house look lovely.. Thank You

    1. I’m so glad you liked this idea – let me know how your project turns out!!

      1. Arthur Smith says:

        Kasey, I love the pattern but cannot find it anywhere. What is the pattern name, product number and or a link where to buy it?

      2. Dorell A Lyons says:

        I want to put up around propane gas tank

  5. I would love to install this around my AC but it is on a concrete slab is there something that I can use to hold it onto the concrete slab such as brackets

    1. Shelly Terhune says:

      Air conditioner and garbage cans.

  6. I am a 1st time home buyer. I’m learning so much when it comes to personalizing your home to your needs AND budget. I’m doing things little by little due to the NEW learned “financial obligations” when owning a home. I can’t do EVERYTHING at once. But this fence seems like a very inexpensive way to beautify on a budget. I’m looking on the Lowes website and dont see ANYTHING that resembles this product. Just taking things 1 day at a time (must keep my OCD in the loop of the pace) lol. Would love to receive this as a gift. Moved in RIGHT at the beginning of Covid-19. So havent gotten to have the house warming which could offset some of the burdens.

    1. A new home definitely comes with its fair share of financial obligations! It’s always a learning curve, but you’re right – one thing at a time to keep the load manageable. It’s easy for us to get carried away and want to fix/do everything, but I believe the process will be worth it! Good luck with your home!

  7. Tina Robin says:

    A partial piece of my fence came down and would like something between me and my neighbor until I figure out. Then I can use it in my back yard

  8. Gina Dias says:

    I would love to have Connections around my A/C unit. I built a small memorial prayer garden honoring deceased parents & sister, complete with a little pond and waterfall, in a cubbyhole corner section of my yard, It sits between my fence and porch, sectioned off with a faux rod iron fence and gate. An A/C unit sits to the right of the pond in the garden. When I sit in there to reflect and pray, the A/C unit is like the ugly ‘elephant in the room.’ Having a Connections wrap around would remove this distraction and instead add to the beauty of the garden .Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Lisa Johns says:

      I need a connections kit to go 3/4 of the way around my deck to keep our dogs out so they don’t scratch our slider window

    2. Your garden sounds absolutely beautiful. I hope the Connections help provide what you need for adding to this special space!

  9. We would like to use connections as a privacy wall.

    1. I am sure you would love it!

  10. Michael Ann Roark says:

    I would love to have it around my AC unit! I have one neighbor that lives very close, there is a path between our houses. She and her family through there full trash bags and other trash out their kitchen door which is close to my AC unit. So, all the debris is sucked to my unit that could tear my unit up!! This project is a great idea and would save my air unit without getting into a beef with my neighbors.

    1. Oh dear! Definitely – this would be a good solution!

  11. Heather Adan says:

    I would love to put it around my A/C unit

  12. Gantielle says:

    I would love to cover the pool equiptment that is in the middle of my yard!

  13. We’re I can buy this product?

    1. ROBIN MAZYCK says:

      very similar: see AMAZON for Zippity Outdoor Products ZP19008 Wilmington Vinyl Privacy Screen, 36″ x 48″ White , 2- Pack

  14. Nancy Backner says:

    Air conditioner units

  15. This looks great! Great job! If someone needs to work on the A/C, can you remove this or take it apart and then put it back together again? I want to hide my ugly A/C, but I want to be practical also. Thank you, in advance, for considering my question!

    1. Hey Kasey,
      This is a great idea. However I am unable to find the items on Lowe’s. Is there any place I could look? Great if you could share links to individual items. Thanks!!

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