See that tree way over there?

The leaves have started to turn a bright orange.

My neighbor’s tree seems to really have been hit with the look of Fall.

Here’s a Dogwood, right beside my front steps. I swear it didn’t look like this yesterday.

And, here’s my little guy who has grown considerably since last fall – I threw him in since he’s so cute to look at!

I wasn’t sure I was ready for the chilly weather to start, but I’m coming around to the idea. I forgot how much I enjoy Fall.

I am looking forward to school field trips, pumpkins, apple crisp and weekend bonfires.

It sure is a beautiful time of year.

Bring it on Mother Nature. Let the show begin!

What is your favorite part about Fall?

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  1. I love the fall, and my favorite part is…wait for it…..FOOTBALL SEASON! LOL! Especially now that our little Andrew is such a football freak!

    1. Andrew is such a cutie when it comes to football! So excited to take him to his FIRST game tonight!

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