Here’s how to make lemon meringue pie from scratch, with a bright, creamy lemon filling and a cloud-like meringue topping.

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just beginning your journey in the kitchen, everyone should know how to make classic lemon meringue pie.


All-purpose flour Kosher salt Sugar Unsalted butter Ice water Cornstarch Granulated sugar Kosher salt Fresh lemon juice Lemon zest Eggs Cream of tartar Vanilla extract

Mix the dry ingredients and butter. Add the ice water. Refrigerate crust and roll out when ready. Form and chill for 2 hours then bake!


Make the lemon mixture with cornstarch, sugar, salt, and lemon juice. Then, add egg yolks, butter, lemon zest. Pour filling into the pie crust and refrigerate.


Mix egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, and salt, then put over a double boiler. Whisk until you have stiff peaks.


Mound the meringue onto the filling. Toast it with a kitchen torch or by using your oven’s broiler until it is golden brown.