Peanut Butter Lasagna is going to be your new favorite no-bake dessert recipe! Perfectly fluffy and deliciously sweet, this easy chocolate peanut butter dessert only takes 30 minutes to make.

I’ve personally made this no-bake chocolate peanut butter lasagna more times than I can count, and it never fails to be a huge crowd pleaser.

Graham crackers Butter Sugar Dry roasted peanuts Cream cheese Creamy peanut butter Powdered sugar Cool Whip Instant vanilla and chocolate pudding Milk Peanut butter cups Peanut butter and chocolate chips


First, mix together the crust and press it into a greased 9×13-inch pan.


Next, mix together the second layer of peanut butter and cream cheese. Then spoon over the crust.


After that, mix together the third layer of vanilla and chocolate pudding. Then pour over the second layer.


Finally, top with cool whip and garnish with the chopped peanut butter cups and chips.


There are so many ways you can change up this recipe, and not just with the toppings! Choose your favorite, the options are endless.

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