Get ready to fall in love with Italian beef.

The slow-cooked meat is the perfect filling for a sandwich and will quickly become something that you will want to eat day after day.


3-4 pounds of chuck roast Zesty Italian seasoning Water Hoagie roll White cheese of choice

Rinse and dry your cut of chuck roast.


Season the beef with the zesty Italian seasoning, making sure to get both sides of the beef.


Add the piece of meat to the slow cooker along with ½ cup of water.


Let the meat cook in the slow cooker on high for 6 hours or on low for 12 hours.


When the cooking time has finished, shred the meat using a fork.


It should easily come apart and look ropey or stringy. That is the texture you are aiming for.


Toast the hoagie and add the beef and slices of cheese. 


Serve while the beef is warm so the cheese will get nice and melty. 


The seasoning mixture is what takes Italian beef into a class of its own.

Once the beef is seasoned, it is then cooked for six hours. I know, it seems like a long time to wait for some meat, but trust me on this one. It will easily be worth the wait. 

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