There is nothing quite as delicious as a homemade honey baked ham!

This honey baked ham recipe is perfectly sweet, irresistibly salty, and surprisingly easy to make. 

Bone-in spiral ham Butter Honey Brown sugar Salt Onion powder Garlic powder Cinnamon Nutmeg Ground ginger Ground cloves


Whisk the melted butter and honey together. Pour the mix over the ham in the slow cooker. Slow cook the ham for 4 hours.


Whisk together remaining spices and the brown sugar. Place the cooked ham on a foil-lined tray and sprinkle the entire ham with the spice mix.


Broil the ham for 5 minutes. The sugar will caramelize on the ham and turn the outside of the ham golden brown. 


While the ham is broiling, mix the remaining spice mixture with 3 tablespoons of water, then microwave for 1 minute.


Ham is a holiday staple, from my crock pot ham to my family’s favorite baked ham with maple dijon glaze.

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