Caramel Apples

Add a new tradition into the mix and make your own caramel apples from scratch — sauce and all!

The creamy, smooth sauce combined with the seasonal apples will make for the ultimate fall treat. 


Granny Smith apples Heavy cream Light corn syrup Light brown sugar Kosher salt Vanilla extract Toppings for your choice

Wash and dry apples. Add a wooden skewer into each apple, pushing it about 2/3rd of the way into the apple.


Make the caramel sauce. When the caramel is cool, work quickly to dip the apples into the sauce.


Place the toppings on top of the caramel or roll them in the toppings to completely cover the apples.


Place the apples on the sheet pan and let cool for about an hour.


This year, take the tradition right into your home and learn how to make them yourself.

The classic recipe will become a staple in your house and will become a fall activity for years to come.

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