Salmon Patties

These salmon patties are tender and flavorful, with a perfectly crispy exterior. They’re also easy to make for a weeknight dinner!

I like pairing salmon patties with creamy dill sauce, but they’re also delicious on their own or with your favorite tartar sauce or remoulade.

Canned salmon Scallions Fresh dill Panko bread crumbs Mayonnaise Lemon juice Dijon mustard Egg Kosher salt & black pepper Olive oil Dill Sauce


Stir together all of the ingredients in a large bowl, then season with salt and pepper.


Divide the mixture into 5 or 6 patties, pressing and compacting them in your hands to get them to stay together.


Heat the olive oil in a medium skillet until it’s hot, then cook the patties for 3 to 4 minutes on each side, until both sides are golden brown and crispy. 


Set the cooked cakes onto a paper-towel-lined plate to drain, then serve with dill sauce.


And when it’s made into crispy, flavorful patties like these, even the pickiest eaters will be asking for more! Salmon patties are always a hit.

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