How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Pan?

Whether it’s a brand new cast iron skillet or one you’ve picked up from a garage sale, you may be wondering, “How do you clean a cast iron pan without ruining it?!” Here’s what you need to know!

Clean cast iron pans with hot water (and maybe a little soap) - You should clean your skillet while it’s still warm; at this point, hot water and a sponge may be all you need to clean off any food residue.


Remove stuck-on messes the right way. Another option is to use some salt with oil to create a paste that will remove the gunk. 


Dry with paper towels - Unless you want to ruin your nice kitchen towels, you’ll want to dry your cast iron pans with paper towels.


Seasoning is another term for oil bonding, which helps prevent rusting when you cook and allows your food to release more easily. Even pre-seasoned pans can use extra protection.


The good news is that once you get the hang of it, cleaning a cast iron pan is no more difficult than dealing with any other cookware—it’s just a bit different.

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