Banana Waffles

The amazing flavor of banana is baked right into every bite of these easy banana waffles.

Ripe bananas Egg yolks Whole milk Vanilla Butter Flour Cinnamon Baking powder Brown sugar Salt


Preheat your waffle iron so it will be hot and ready to bake.


Mash the ripe bananas in a medium-sized bowl. You want them to be as smooth as possible.


Add the milk, egg yolks, vanilla, and melted butter to the bowl with the mashed banana. Whisk everything together well.


Whisk in the remaining dry ingredients to make a thick batter. 


Pour about ¾ cup of waffle batter into the hot waffle iron and cook the waffle until it’s golden brown, about 4-5 minutes. 


These waffles are tender, hearty and naturally sweet. They’re sure to become a family favorite!

With this banana waffle recipe, you can transform your ripe bananas into a beautiful breakfast in less than ten minutes.

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