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How To Make Ombre Pom Poms


  • eight to twelve 20x30 inch various coordinating colors of tissue paper
  • scissors
  • fishing line or ribbon


  • Start by stacking eight to twelve 20x30 inch sheets of tissue paper together from lightest to darkest.
  • Measure from the short edge of the paper up 1.5 inches and 3 inches and mark at each spot.
  • Start to accordian fold the paper from the short end all the way up the length of the paper in 1.5 inch increments.
  • Fold the paper in half to find the center and tie a ribbon, fishing line or floral wire around the center to hold the paper in place.
  • Using scissors, trim the ends of the paper into a point or rounded.
  • Start separating the tissue paper layers from each other, pulling toward the center CAREFULLY.
  • Pull the layers all the way around the pom to create the full Pom look you'd like.
  • Using a ribbon or fishing line, hang the newly made Pom from the ceiling or light fixtures.