Sourdough Starter

Learn how to make a sourdough starter at home with just three ingredients for the perfect sourdough bread!


Water Whole grain rye flour Unbleached bread flour

Add rye flour and warm water. Stir and let rest in a warm space for 24 hours. Add some mixture from Day 1, rye flour, bread flour, and warm water. Mix let it rest in a warm space for 24 hours.


Repeat this for Days 3, and 4. Let it rest in a warm space overnight. Moving forward, you’ll continue to use the same jar instead of moving to a fresh one.


Repeat for Days 5, 6 and 7.


At this point your starter should be rising and falling in a predictable pattern. Continue to feed with the previous ratio twice per day.


You can purchase sourdough starters online or even from local bakeries. However, there’s no need to do that when you can just make it yourself at home.

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