Sausage Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls are always a hit, whether you serve them for game day or breakfast!

No one can resist the combination of savory sausage, creamy cheese, and puffy, golden brown crescent rolls!


Breakfast sausage Cream cheese Refrigerated crescent rolls

Transfer the cooked sausage to a mixing bowl and add the cream cheese. Stir to combine, making sure the sausage is evenly distributed throughout the cream cheese.


Separate the crescent roll dough into triangles, then cut each triangle in half lengthwise to make two triangles.


Add a spoonful of sausage filling onto each triangle of dough, then roll it up. Place each roll on a baking sheet with the seam side facing down.


Bake until the dough is puffy and golden brown. Let the rolls cool a bit before serving (the filling will be super hot!), but serve them warm.


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