This Easy Cranberry Chicken Salad recipe features sweet cranberries, shredded chicken, chopped green onions, celery, and toasted walnuts tossed with tangy mayonnaise.

Serve in sandwiches, lettuce wraps, or as a dip. An elevated version of classic chicken salad, it’s perfect for quick lunches and snacks!

Chicken Minced Celery Green onions Mayonnaise Dried cranberries Toasted walnuts Salt and pepper


Shred the chicken, mince the celery, chop the green onions, and chop the toasted walnuts.  


Add all of the ingredients to a mixing bowl, and mix well to ensure the ingredients are fully coated with the mayonnaise.


This recipe is one of my favorite ways to use up leftover chicken and other tasty ingredients that I have in the fridge and pantry from holidays or midweek family meals!

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